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    3. Welcome to Zhenjiang E-TECH Electronics Co., Ltd. !

      Zhenjiang E-TECH Electronics Co., Ltd.

      E-tech is a high-tech company, covering all fields. E-tech offers the perfect solution for communication connecting. E-tech offers OEM and ODM for RF and microwave components. Products include: RF coaxial connectors and adapters, coaxial cable, RF cable assembly, all kinds of microwave components, antenna products and accessories. Products are widely used in data / telecommunications, commercial and military fields. E-tech offers OEM and ODM for all kinds of harness. Products include a variety of PVC electronic wiring harness, UL certification harness, terminal wiring harness, wiring, wiring harness, high temperature wiring harness, shielding wiring harness and a variety of electronic special wiring harness. The products are widely used in the field of mobile phone connection, set-top boxes, digital cameras, copiers, fax machines, instruments, power supply, battery charger, motor, sound, display, air conditioner, refrigerator, medical equipment, teaching equipment, toys, automobiles, h......

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      Zhenjiang E-TECH Electronics Co., Ltd.

      Zhenjiang Runzhou District Development Zone private run Hing Road No. 2

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